[Exhibition] Spring at ATLIA

 We will be holding the spring exhibition “Spring at ATLIA”.

In the vibrant season of spring, we will exhibit works themed around spring by local artists, including Shoichiro Nushi’s “Sanju tower of Saifuku-ji” and “Mitsuzoin (Sakura in Angyo)”, as well as landscapes of Kawaguchi City, and works such as “Sakura” by Fumiko Okura and the “JAPANESE TREE” series by Yuji Ichikawa. Works of various expressions such as paintings, cutouts, calligraphy, kimono, lacquerware, netsuke, textiles, stained glass, and installations will be displayed, and we recommend enjoying the exhibition while finding your favorite piece.
 Additionally, works by the exhibiting artist Yuji Ichikawa can also be viewed at the former Tanaka residence.
 Furthermore, on Sunday, March 10th, at 2:00 p.m., there will be a performance of “Hatsu-uma Taiko,”(note*:The Hatsu-uma Taiko, which is passed down in Kawaguchi City, is said to have originated when a metalworker started beating a dedicated drum at the Inari Shrine on the day of Hatsu-uma, praying for protection from fire. There is a legend that the sound of the drum, echoing all night long, could be heard across the Arakawa River to Akabane in Tokyo.) a traditional performing art of Kawaguchi.
 On weekends and holidays, there will be a bus service between ATLIA and the former Tanaka residence. Enjoy the exhibition along with the cherry blossoms in the city.
March 9th (Saturday) to March 24th (Sunday), 2024
Opening Hours
10:00-18:00 (Last entry is 30 minutes before closing) *Until 16:00 on the final day
Free *Admission fee required for the former Tanaka residence.
Organized by
Kawaguchi Art Gallery ATLIA
Artist profile
  • Miyuki Abe (Painting)
  • Hisashi Igarashi (Weaving)
  • Kasen Ichikawa (Calligraphy)
  • Yuji Ichikawa (Installation)
  • Fumiko Okura (Painting)
  • Yoshio Kitta (Pottery)
  • Takuya Kurata (Stained Glass)
  • Bisyu Saito (Netsuke)
  • Kozue Takaya (Painting)
  • Etsu Toyohira (Lacquerware)
  • Suiko Toyohira (Lacquerware)
  • Sakura Narumiya (Sculpture)
  • Kozaburo Nishi (Dyeing)
  • Shoichiro Nushi (Painting)
  • Naoko Hayashi (Stained Glass)
  • Akiko Yokoyama (Painting)
  • Yuki Yoshida (Installation)

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March 10th (Sunday)

Hatsu-uma Taiko Performance

Participation Fee: Free, Capacity: 50 participants.
※No advance registration required


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