Let’s paint with various colors – watercolor sketch.

We will be holding a figure sketching workshop using models. In the morning, there will be a demonstration by Mr. Murayama, followed by the public display of the sketches on the wall. For those interested on the day, or those who have pre-registered, there will be an explanation of watercolor sketch production in the afternoon session. We will also be using materials such as watercolor paints and oil pastels, so even beginners can easily create sketches with a different expression from traditional sketches. Finally, the sketches created will be displayed on the wall for viewing.
Tuesday, May 3, 2024
Opening Hours
11:00 - 12:00 *Instructor demonstration 13:00 - 15:30
(Sketching experience, with a 15-minute break every hour)
Organized by
Kawaguchi Art Gallery ATLIA
Artist profile

Murayama Shitsu (Painter)

  • 2001: Graduation Research Award, Department of Oil Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Musashino Art University
  • 2003: Completion of the Oil Painting Course, Graduate School of Musashino Art University
  • 2013: Holbein Scholarship Recipient
  • 2019: Responsible for painting production in NHK's serial TV drama "Natsuzora"
He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions.
Currently, he is a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University and resides in Kawaguchi City.

Murayama's Website
Teacher profile
Target Audience:
High school students and above
20 people
Participation Fee:
2,000 yen
What to Bring:
Clothing that can get dirty

Application Method

Please send an email with the event name clearly stated in the subject line and the following information in the body of the email: ➀Name (in kanji and furigana), ➁Age or Grade, ➂Postal Code and Address, ➃Phone Number. In the event of a large number of applicants, participants will be selected by lottery.

Application Deadline: April 24 (Wednesday)

・After receiving your application email, we will send a confirmation email within 2 business days.
 ※If you do not receive an email, please contact us.
・If applying by email is difficult, please apply by fax (048-240-0525) or postcard.
 Results will be sent by mail after the deadline.