Painting ‘trees’ in transparent watercolour – learning watercolour techniques

Learn the characteristics and techniques of watercolors, which are familiar to many people.
Generally, the term ‘watercolor’ refers to ‘transparent watercolor’.
There are difficulties, such as the fact that it is transparent and therefore cannot be modified.
However, the beauty of the transparent layers of color makes the creative process fun and fosters an intuitive sense of color.
The coincidental nature of watercolor and the mixing of colors can also be enjoyed with instantaneous pleasure and emotion.
In this course, participants will learn the characteristics and usage of transparent watercolors, techniques (blurring, smudging, layering and masking techniques) and paint a single picture.

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Thursday 21 and Friday 22 December,2023
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Organized by
Kawaguchi Art Galley ATLIA
Teacher profile

Shitsu Murayama(painter)

  • 2001 Musashino Art University, BA in Oil Painting, Laboratory Award.
  • 2003 Completed postgraduate course in oil painting at Musashino Art University
  • 2013 Holbein Scholarship Scholarship Students 
  • 2019 In charge of painting for the NHK television series Natsuzora
... Numerous other solo and group exhibitions.
Currently part-time lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University, lives in Kawaguchi City

Target audience:
15 years and over.
24 persons per session.
Participation Fee:
※This event has ended.