Art course ‘Still life drawing’

Basic drawing: a workshop where students are taught how to see things in order to draw the object, and a lecture on the history of oil painting.
Tools are provided by ATLIA, so feel free to come empty-handed.

Still life drawing with pencil and charcoal (motifs: fruits, wine bottle)
Lecture (on the tools and history of oil painting)

Note:The image is a photograph of the work of oil painter Mr.Iwata. They differ from the content of the workshop on the day.

①Thursday, October 12, 2023 ②Saturday, October 14, 2023 10:00AM-3:00PM.
Organized by
Institute of 21 Century Culture and Arts, Inc.
Teacher profile
Shirou IWATA
Western painter (oil painting).
Born in Kawaguchi City.After graduating from high school, went to England to study art.
After working as an art teacher at Keio Junior High School, he resumed full-fledged activity as an artist, which continues to this day.
Foundation Course in art at Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology
BA Hons. in fine art from Gloucestershire College of Art and Design
Post Diploma course in fine art at Byam Shaw School of Art.
Target audience:
high school students and above
20 participants
Participation fee:
high school students ¥2,500、Adults ¥3,500
※This event has ended.
Note: The progression of the course and inquiries and reservations are taken only in Japanese.

*There will be a lunch break around noon.