Exploring the World through Touch

We will be organizing a screening of the documentary film “Exploring the World through Touch: The National Omero Tactile Museum” at the National Omero Tactile Museum, founded by a visually impaired couple in Italy. Following the screening, there will be an after-talk session with the director, as well as an opportunity to appreciate sculptures through tactile exploration. Through this film, viewers will learn about the existence of museums that are open to everyone, including individuals with visual impairments. The theme of the event is to contemplate the future role of museums as inclusive spaces for people of all ages, with or without disabilities. It aims to provide an opportunity to reflect on the nature of museums and their accessibility for all individuals, sparking discussions about their significance and potential improvements.
Saturday, June 17, 2023.
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Organized by
Institute of 21 Century Culture and Arts, Inc.
Artist profile
Koko Okano (Director of the film "Exploring the World through Touch")
Born in 1973, Koko Okano completed her Master's degree in Museum Education at Bank Street College of Education and her Master's degree in Art and Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. She curated exhibitions such as "Sense of Wonder: Another Garden" and "The Necessity of Stones for Everyone: A World to See and Touch" at the Vanji Sculpture Garden Museum. She has been researching the possibilities of museum education through sensory experiences beyond vision. As part of her research, she directed the documentary film "Exploring the World through Touch."
Target audience: Open to all (preschool children must be accompanied by a guardian)
Capacity: 50 participants
Participation fee: Free
Film special website: Website
※This event has ended.